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15 Flower Crafts and Activities for Kids to Make

Flowers in rainbow order

Here are 15 of our favourite flower crafts and flower activities. Is there anything more beautiful than flowers?! Flowers are great for kids to play outdoors with – they naturally come in a variety of colours and shapes so they are perfect for crafting with and investigating! All these flower crafts and activities use real or dried flowers as opposed to fake flowers. Using real flowers for a nature craft or forest school activity often makes for a beautiful display and although most don’t last, you can see some of our ideas for flowers crafts and activities that can preserve the flowers. Flowers make everyone happy and with their scents and colours – you can easily see why flowers make perfect sensory materials for toddlers and preschoolers to play with! Flower crafts are our all time favourite Spring or Summertime craft!

Easy Flower Crafts for Kids

Gelatine Flower Craft

This is one of our most popular flower crafts as it provides the prettiest of results! An easy plastic free craft to make with gelatine – this can be re-created over and over! Find out how to make one here!

flower crafts and activities for kids
Flower Craft for Kids

Flower Keyring

If you have a special nature walk memory that you’d like to treasure, or a favourite flower that you love – this is the perfect flower nature craft for you! These make brilliant gifts for kids to make for friends and family.

flower activity for kids. flowers in a keyring

Flower Rainbow

This is one of the easiest flower crafts to create – you need no materials at all, just take a walk in your garden, a park or (if you’re lucky) a meadow and try to collect flowers from all the colours of the rainbow.

If you’re picking flowers, remember not to uproot the whole plant and just take a few petals.

flower crafts and activities for kids
Flower Rainbow

Flowerpot Windchimes

This is a great garden activity for kids – they’ll love admiring their flowerpot windchime for years to come. It’s a craft suitable for all ages as older kids will like threading beads and bells onto string and the younger ones will enjoy painting the flowerpots!

Flower Play Ideas for Preschoolers

Flower Ice Play

One of the simplest way for young kids to play with flowers – is to freeze ice cubes with flower buds and petals inside. Perfect for a hot day for kids to play with! They can play just with the sun melting the ice to release the flowers! Or try filling up squirty bottles of saltwater and see if your kids can melt the ice faster by squirting the salt water on the ice! A lovely Summer’s day activity. See our other sensory play ideas here.

Turkish Delight Flower Ice

A variation on above is to place the flower ice in some cornflour – when it melts, you’ll have your very own flower oobleck. The ice cubes in the cornflour look like fun, fluffy Turkish Delight!

Ice and Flower Play
Ice and Flower Play
Ice and Flower Play
Ice and Flower Play

Hapa Zome

A simple but fun flower activity for kids is to try Hapa Zome which is the Japanese art of bashing flowers to dye cloth. It creates a stunning result but is also lots of fun for active kids! Find out more how to do Hapa Zome here.

Fun Flower Crafts and Activities for Kids

Flower Oobleck

If you’re looking for a fun flower activity for preschoolers then oobleck flower sensory gloop will hit the spot! Toddlers love oobleck, it’s one of the best sensory materials for toddlers because it behaves like a solid and a liquid so you can squish and pour all in one! You make oobleck with cornflour and water, you can add a small amount of food colouring or essential oils to make it smell nice or change colour. Try adding rose petals to make Flower Oobleck. See more Spring Sensory Play activity Ideas here.

Cardboard Flower Pattern

This one is a perfect flower craft for preschooolers. For a really simple recycled flower craft that’s easy on the pocket but will keep kids occupied for ages, use a large piece of cardboard and copy a pattern onto the cardboard. Poke holes into the cardboard, following the pattern. Kids can collect flowers to poke into the holes to complete the pattern. This is a great craft to help kids learn how their letters or numbers or shapes!

Flower Activity for Kids
Flower Activity for Kids

Flower Petal Candle Holders

Jam jars and petals = a beautiful lantern! Use PVA glue to stick petals to the inside of a jam jar – when you add a tea light into the jar (you can use a battery one for ease) you create the prettiest of flower lanterns!

How to press flowers with kids

Pressing flowers with kids is a lovely activity – somehow the flowers look way more magical and delicate when pressed! By pressing, flowers can be used for all sorts of nature crafts and activities. If you don’t have a flower press, you can press flowers by leaving in between the pages of a thick book for 3-4 days. Here’s some lovely crafts you can make with pressed flowers that make wonderful gifts or ways to preserve your favourite flowers………

Flower Clay Ornaments

Press flowers (see above) and press them into circles of clay and leave to dry. You need to press the edges of the petals into each one firmly so they don’t peel off then they dry. If you would like to them to be decorations – use a straw to put a hole in each one pressing through and add ribbon to hang once they are dry.

Pressed flower clay ornaments
Pressed flower clay ornaments

Pressed Flower Pebbles

Make a gorgeous doorstop or decorate some pebbles to leave in the woods for people to find! Spread PVA glue over the pebble and stick petals to the pebble. You can also add glitter or have fun with permanent markers! When dried, you can use varnish spray or mod podge to cover the pebbles which will seal them so they last longer or can be displayed outside.

Play Flower Shops

I recently came across these very cute flowerpots. We had a stack of dried flowers and the kids set up a play flower shop with some mud and played for hours! Kids can mix, stir and make mud kitchen potions with this – our kids made teeny tiny garden pots for fairy gardens!

Play Flower Shops
Mini Flower Shop
Mini Flower Shop for Kids
Mini Flower Shop

Fast growing flowers to grow with Kids

Ever wondered which flowers grow the quickest and easiest for kids?  Here’s our top picks of the easiest Flowers to Grow in your garden! Explore planting these fast growing flowers with kids too!

  • SWEET PEAS– these are easy to grow and have the most beautiful smell! They blossom quickly.
  • NASTURTIUMS – Nasturtium’s grow quickly with brightly coloured flowers that are meant to keep bugs away from veggies so can be planted in a vegetable garden. Nasturtium is a safe edible flower for children to try. Mix the flowers into a salad, or top a cupcake with a few flowers.
  • SUNFLOWERS – OK, sunflowers are not fast growing but they’re well worth the wait – the kids will love measuring them every week and will be well rewarded when the blossom. You can also teach them the full circle – with them growing from planted seeds and then harvesting the seeds when done.
  • FUSCIAS – No kids can resist the pop of a fushia – they are quick to grow and I haven’t managed to kill these so this is a good sign!
  • PETUNIAS – These are easy to grow as they’re pest reistant and smell heavenly!

Hope you have lots of fun in the garden with these pretty Summertime flower and craft activities!

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15 flower crafts and nature crafts for kids.

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