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Dandelion Wishes Spring Flower Keyrings

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Looking for ways to use up the little nature trinkets that your little people collect? Have a go at making some Dandelion Wishes Spring Flower Keyrings! Or a craft for kids to make with their collected flowers? This is such a quick little craft to make with Dandelion wishes and Spring Flowers and particularly suited to hang on kid’s nursery or school bags (at least that’s what we’ve done with them – and used them as a way to identify our different children’s school bags!) Orla and Elodie are always picking flowers wherever they go. Well, not just flowers – acorns, leaves, whatever they can cram into their little pockets! Little gems that they find on their way. We often have to take a plastic bag to store them in and more recently we have a cute little wicker basket that I found so they can collect their little treasures in. I am however, forever telling them not to pick the leaves of the bushes on our way to school – they actually do belong to someone!

This weekend, we had a little wander and collected some particularly pretty flowers that we wanted to display in our keyrings (and one or two may have been added from our own garden – thanks to cheeky hands!) The lovely thing about these keyrings is they act a little bit like a flower press and preserve the flowers for longer. Ours are still looking lovely a few months down the line!

Be careful what you pick!

However, be careful what you pick, it is an offence to “intentionally pick, uproot or destroy any wild plant included on a protected list”. (Wildlife and Countryside Act, 1981) and it is also not permitted to pick ANY flowers in council parks or on council-maintained displays, roundabouts or verges or organisations like community gardens and nature reserves.

One thing that is always safe to pick is dandelions and they frequent many a lawn! Aren’t dandelions the cleverest of things – they have found a way to keep themselves alive by being so enticing in their puffball state that little kids want to blow the seeds and make wishes all day long! Dandelion wishes/ seeds look the part in the keyrings as they add a touch of magic! They look so pretty! Hopefully adding dandelion wishes to your keyrings will bring you a touch of good luck! Orla had such fun blowing and catching her dandelion  wishes!

make a dandelion wishes keyring. Make a spring flower keyring

How to Make Dandelion Wishes Spring Flower Keyrings

To make the Dandelion Wishes Spring Flower Keyrings… you simply need…..

  • Clear Keyrings (we found ours here)
  • Some little flowers – simply collected from gardens (your own preferably!) or fields – see above to ensure you’re picking carefully.
  • Dandelion Wishes (as they look pretty when you hold the keyring up to the light)

Pop the flowers and dandelion wishes in your keyring  carefully, snap on the cover – and hey presto! You and your keyring are ready for adventures!

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