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Little Christmas Treats: Fun and Quirky Stocking Filler Ideas

Unique and Fun Stocking Fillers for Kids and grown ups

Oh wow, it’s getting closer and closer to Christmas! Is it a-okay yet to crack out the Christmas decorations and drink mulled wine whilst getting all tied up in sticky tape? I loooove stocking fillers – I mean there’s always a need for satsumas and chocolate coins but I also love picking out fun little the small additions that make great little pressies! Stocking Fillers are great opportunities to buy all those useful things like sellotape, stickers, rubbers that the kiddos use to make things throughout the year. Here are the best quirky stocking fillers that I have found this year for kiddies and adults alike!

Art Materials

Art Materials make the best stocking filler gifts as they can be used time and time again. I love these beautiful Watercolour Pencils from Typo as they blend beautifully and last a long time – they are also virtually mess free!

Unique and Fun Stocking Fillers for Kids and grown ups

Unique and Fun Stocking Fillers for Kids and grown ups

There are lots of fun Christmas Crafts to make here…

Mini Hornit Cycle Horn

For kids that really want to get noticed – there’s this exceptionally loud Mini Hornit cycle horn which is perfect for bikes and scooters! It really IS LOUD but has a variety of sounds on – my kids absolutely love it! You should see the looks my kids get when they cycle around sounding like a police car or a with a Western theme tune – but they have an absolute riot with it!

Unique and Fun Stocking Fillers for Kids and grown ups

Socks in a Bag

Socks are a classic stocking filler for kids but these completely cute Frugi socks come wrapped up in their very own gift bag, they have colourful and festive characters on each pair and these beautifully soft and cosy socks are ideal for keeping teeny-tiny toes snug!


Arcade Game

This may look mini but it comes with a LED screen and speaker, it even has over 170 games including sport, puzzle, arcade and action games to keep you entertained. I love the retro styling and this is a perfect adult or older children stocking filler for hours of fun!

Unique and Fun Stocking Fillers for Kids and grown ups

Batman Projection Torch

Another great stocking filler for kids is this Batman Projection Torch from Find me a Gift (a perfect website by the way, for unique stocking fillers!) This is such a cool gadget for kids and possibly adults too! It’s a pocket-sized Bat Signal torch which hangs conveniently on a keychain, so you can easily take it with you anywhere you go. With just a touch of the button and you can light up a cool Bat Signal, just like Commissioner Gordon!

Unique and Fun Stocking Fillers for Kids and grown ups

Aquabeads Toy Story

Aquabeads are perfect craft kids for stocking fillers. They come in  mini surprise bags and they have new character ones out to celebrate Toy Story Four. The templates are a great size for kids aged 5+ and it’s lovely that they come in characters that fans of Toy Story will recognise. Aqua beads are mess free and good for travel toys as they only need water!

Sylvanian Families Blind Bags

Everyone loves a surprise! Blind Bags, or Mystery Packs, as they are also known, contain a secret Sylvanian character and toy that are fun but also great to collect. The joy is in the mystery of what you’ll find in each pack! Collect all sets to grow your Sylvanian Families! sylvanian families

Slime Making Kit

I’m not sure I know any kid that doesn’t like making slime!! This kit is the best I’ve seen though because you an add additional glow, sparkle, and metallizer special effects to create something with the wow factor! Once you’re finished mixing, you can use the included coloured pencils to decorate each tin and give your colour a special name! The putty is easy to tear, sculpt and even bounces! Bonus: It melts back into a tidy puddle when you’re done for easy storing guaranteeing hours of fun entertainment!

stocking filler

Bath Sensory Play

Crackle Baff comes in an assortment of colours which will make any bath time colourful and fun! You can even make your bath water crackle and pop! Crackle Baff is also perfect for sensory play as it’s easy to set up, just add water and then try adding them to water play or a sensory tray for a fun sensory play activity. It’s safe and it’s really easy to wash off skin or clothes – or you can be brave and dive straight into the bath and swim in the gloop!

SnoBall Play from Zimpli

If we don’t get real snow this year – never fear! You could pop a SnoBall play sachet in your kid’s stockling for the ultimate snow play. SnoBall is mixed with water to make fake snow and each sachet has enough for a snow ball fight but luckily Cracklebaff, Slime Baff and SnoBall Play are all really easy to clean up and provide plenty of exciting exploratory fun beforehand. It’s the play of parents dreams to keep the kids busy this Christmas!

Shopping for stocking fillers for teens? Try these fun ideas!

Personalised Books

Books are a must for stockings and as a special treat for Christmas, how about a personalised Letter to Santa Book? This would also be perfect for a Christmas Eve Box. Create a magical Christmas Eve tradition with a personalised version of the story of Santa visiting.

This beautifully illustrated book is the perfect gift for baby’s first Christmas or any child who loves the magic of Christmas time and is the perfect way to start a magical Christmas tradition with a special little someone.

personalised christmas book

personalised christmas book

Pocket Penscope

The pocket penscope is a mini microscope and telescope and is such a great gift for kids! This portable pen-sized gadget is ideal for exploring microcosms in your garden and the stars in the night sky. It’s really compact and easy to use, and is the perfect kids introduction for kids interested in Science!


Virtual Pets

This is a great idea for kids who want a pet and adults who don’t! There are 32 pets inside this one electronic device, and they’re all pretty easy to care for without any of the usual smells or poop! The Virtual Pet means you can even care for pets that are normally impossible to look after and just plain dangerous such as a dinosaur or a lion!

Sticky Slugs and Frogspawn Slime

It wouldn’t be a kids stocking filler without some quirky novelty gifts! But these are novelty gifts with an educational difference! This slime is a frog in frogspawn and the slug is pretty realistic!  This icky, sticky gooey novelty slug is bound to be a hit with the kids. It will stick to walls and windows (without leaving marks).

slug and frogspawn slime


I use stockings to buy the kiddos glue and sellotape and all the things they use up over the course of a year! But if you wanted some cute stationery that goes beyond the basics, then this Etsy Shop has lots of lovely things such as these very sweet cat erasers!

stationery for stocking fillers

Arts and Crafts

It’s a lovely idea to get Arts or craft materials for children’s stocking – it’s a great gift to keep going all year and will last well beyond Christmas. I like these mini craft kits from Baker Ross.

Arts and Crafts

Card Games

Card Games are a must for any stocking! This game from FLETTER is a fast paced word game for all the family and being pocket sized, FLETTER can be played on the go with a minimum of 2 players. This is super simple to pick up and play right out of the box but it’s challenging too – my 9 year old absolutely loves this and I love that it’s educational too.

Unique and Fun Stocking Fillers for Kids and grown ups

Dobble is another brilliant card game for stocking fillers! Our kids love this one and all can play it aged 4-10 so it makes it a great game for us to play on holiday or in the car. Dobble is a speedy observation game where players race to match the identical symbol between cards. Dobble develops skills such as a sharp eye and quick reflexes and is exciting for children and adults because it keeps every player involved in the action.


Wonder Women

This is a great card game but with an inspirational meaning behind it. Wonder Women contains 44 influential and inspirational women from history and the present day – the game is kind of like a Happy Families style game. Players  group them into categories including aviation, sport, art, activism and science. It’s a brilliant way to learn about historical female heroines.

wonder women

Sticker Books

Sticker Books make great stocking fillers and this one – Stickyscapes at the Museum is an original sticker book that also becomes a toy. Stickyscapes at the Museum includes an 8-page booklet with over 100 stickers; and a huge, double-sided fold-out panoramic scene for you to decorate which then becomes a play scene.

One side of the scene shows a busy museum during the daytime, with enormous dinosaur skeletons and bored security guards. The other side shows the museum at night – when everything comes to life. Dinosaurs roam, knights in armour ride free, and paintings jump right out of their frames. You can find other Stickyscapes Books here……..

stocking fillers for kids

Chocolate House

Chocolate is a great stocking filler that all kids love but this ‘build a chocolate house’ from Cadbury makes a great baking activity as well as a stocking filler gift! If you’re not keen on gingerbread houses or find them too fussy to make – this chocolate Christmas cottage kit is a deliciously fun gift to make your own Christmas Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolate cottage. A great novelty house shaped gift box which includes all the chocolate components to construct your chocolate cottage.

Hang and Peg Frame Kit

This would be a great addition in any older girls or teen bedroom and I’d even like it for my living room! A gorgeous peg and frame kit which you can use to hang photos in any shape or design you like!

Unique and Fun Stocking Fillers for Kids and grown ups

So, whether you present your gifts in a traditional sock or stocking, or wrap them as presents and leave them by the tree for a magical surprise on Christmas morning – these quirky and original stocking fillers are sure to be exciting stocking busters! Hope you like them! And if you need more ideas for stocking stuffers for your kids.

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stocking filler ideas for kids

fun and quirky stocking fillers for kids of all ages. Unusual Stocking Fillers

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