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Nature Journal Prompts for Kids

Nature Journal Ideas

Looking for ideas for kids to put in your nature journal? Need some nature journal prompts for inspiration with kids? Here’s a list of nature journal prompts for kids that will get them excited about nature and exploring outdoors! There are so many different ways that kids can keep a nature notebook and it’s a perfect activity for autumn, winter, spring, and summer! Making a nature journal will keep your kids off screens and outdoors enjoying all that nature has to offer. And if your kids are itching to get started – download our printable Nature Journal with prompts and ideas for any season and can be used on any walks in any weather!

What you need to Create a Nature Journal for Kids

You don’t need much to start a nature journal – just an outdoor space, a notebook and something to draw/ write with but there are other things you can use to inspire kids to get creative! Check out our What to pack for a Nature Walk with kids to turn it into an adventure! Here are a few little extras that are useful for Nature Journalling………

Nature Journal Ideas

Nature Creative Writing Prompts for Kids

Many of the world’s greatest writers and scientists kept a nature journal – think of  Henry David Thoreau and Percy Shelley – it’s no surprise that keeping a nature journal can really inspire creativity. Here’s some fun nature inspired creative writing prompts!

  • Imagine plants could be able to talk. What would you ask them?
  • Write a story about an animal rescue from the perspective of the animal.
  • Write a Poem about a Summer thunderstorm
  • Imagine that one day you took a walk and the trees began to talk to you. What would they say?
  • What is your favourite season and why?
  • You wake up one day as a butterfly – where would you go and what would you see?
  • One day you are out for a walk…..and you discover an unusual egg…….
  • You invent a machine that could be used to clear up the oceans efficiently and quickly. Describe your device and how it would work?
  • Create a shape poem – using wind or rain as the title.
  • Describe the life of a Bee.
  • Would you rather live in a secret forest or on a desert island?  Why?
  • Write a poem as if you’re the leaf falling from the tree!

Nature Journal Prompts for Kids

Many people like to draw or sketch in their nature journals but they can also contain notes, photographs, poetry, pressed flowers and other nature finds like feathers, or questions your kids have about nature. If your child is not that into art – you might find they like a journal that’s more writing based or contains diagrams of dens they like to make! Or more scientific based – where they investigate the anatomy of a butterfly! Anything goes with a nature journal!

  • Leaf or tree rubbings
  • Quotes – find some inspiring quotes about nature and stick them in
  • Smear some juice from a berry you find on your travels
  • Stick in some Seeds (either from a plant you are observing or taken from a packet you plan to plant – record how it is growing)
  • Create your own colour wheel (this is a lovely idea from my friend @sparksofloveandginger) paint the colours you see around you are create new names for them like on the paint colour charts! Such as ‘Apple Crisp’ or ‘Pumpkin Spice’. (see image below)
  • Record animal tracks – ask questions like: where are they going? Who do they belong to?
  • Use your senses – what do you see, what can you smell, what can you touch or hear?
  • Press leaves or flowers to go in your Nature Journal – we like to use this flower press.
  • Pick an animal to study, research and draw it – and then cut images from old Nature empherera to decorate your page.
Colour Wheel from @sparksofloveandginger
how to start a nature journal with kids

Ideas for things to put in a Nature Journal

What you want to collect and put in your nature journal will depend where you live and what nature spaces you have available – but here are some things that are lovely to collect for their Nature Journal.

  • Feathers
  • Fern
  • Leaves
  • Petals
  • Moss
  • Look for different leaves, different shapes like round or oval leaves, or textures like fuzzy or smooth edged leaves. 
  • Helicopter seeds
  • Berries (be careful not to eat them)

Nature Notebook Ideas for kids who don’t like Drawing!

Want some Nature Journal ideas for children who don’t like drawing?

  • Take photographs (you can try our Photography Scavenger Hunt or use an instax camera to take photos and stick them in your nature journal instantly!) 
  • Press flowers or leaves
  • Write labels or descriptions of found things and look up the scientific names. 
  • Go on a colour hunt and find something for every colour of the rainbow!
  • Make a collage, using different coloured leaves or feathers or flowers.
  • Take rubbings of the tree trunks or leaves with charcoal or crayons.
  • Make the anatomy of an insect with this clever leaf craft.
  • Put a bird feeder in the garden or in an outside space and do a tally of all the birds who come to visit your garden.
  • Measure, trees, sticks and leaves and record your findings.
  • Take an outdoor set of scales outside and measure things you can find – can you balance the scales?

Hopefully these ideas will inspire you and your kids to start a nature journal and get out and about outdoors. If you’re heading out on a walk and want an easy printable to download instantly – I’ve created a Nature Journal for kids to help turn a walk into an adventure. If you’re looking to get your kids to play outside more – there are lots of easy nature journal activities in our journal to inspire kids to explore nature’s wonderland from cloud watching and scavenger hunts to designing their own garden and rock pooling. Click to download!

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Outdoor Nature Journal ideas for every season!

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