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Squidgy Easter Egg Craft for Kids

Kids Easter Egg Craft
Well, after all the fun surrounding the snow and the sledging and the days off school and Britain virtually hitting standstill – I am now ready to fully celebrate Spring and defrost slightly and enjoy some Fun Easter Egg Crafts.
Kids Easter Egg Craft

Easter Egg Craft

Whilst we were hibernating from the snow, Orla and I decided to have some Easter messy play fun whilst Archie was napping but we also wanted to make something Spring like! Easter always puts a spring in my crafty step and when Easter comes along – I feel like we’ve properly hit the Spring good time and that a little sun is on its way and so we decided to make a Cotton Wool Ball Easter Egg. This is a great process art activity for little hands too. You could make lots of these and tie them up and use as bunting or like us, you can simply enjoy making mess and squidging the cotton wool balls in the paint and gooey mixture! You could obviously use the squidgy cotton wool ball process art to make anything! Maybe try making yellow daffodils from cotton wool balls or sheep would look particularly good for a cute Spring Time Craft!
Kids Easter Egg Craft
Kids Easter Egg Craft
By the time we’d finished our little make – Archie woke up and he and Orla had lots of fun in the sink washing up the floury slime mess! I think this was almost as much fun as the craft!
You could also vary this craft and bake the cotton wool balls! If you’d like to do this, follow the same instructions above, making sure that you cover each cotton wool ball completely in the flour and paint mixture. Then you place them on a baking tray covered with tin foil. Then you bake your cotton balls for just over an hour at 150 degrees/ gas mark 2.
 If you’d like to make a Squidgy Easter Egg Craft, here’s a little video. Instructions are also below….

How to make Cotton Wool Ball Easter Egg Craft

1. Fill 4 bowls with a few scoops of flour and mix a few spoonfuls of water until you get a gooey consistency. You should have equal parts flour and water.
2. Add a different coloured paint to each of your flour mixtures and mix well. You can add some optional glitter or glitter paint for extra sparkle!
3. Add your cotton wool balls and cover them completely with your gooey mixture.
4. Leave them to dry completely on a piece of paper. This will take several hours.
5. Cut out an Easter Egg shape on white card. Card is better than paper because when dry, the cotton wool balls are rather heavy!
6. Glue the cotton wool balls onto your Easter egg Shape (which will have dried firm). And there you have your own Cotton Wool Ball Easter Egg Art.
Kids Easter Egg Craft
Another fun Easter messy play activity to try is also to not stick the cotton wool balls down on any shape, but wait for them to dry and then take a spoon and bash them to make them squishy again! Fun but messy!
Easter Egg Cotton Wool Ball Art

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