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‘Oi Frog!’ by Kes Gray. Craft and Reading Activities.

Oi Frog children's reading activities. Oi Frog Printables. Oi Frog crafts. Frog and bug crafts

Isn’t it great when you find a book that is satisfyingly funny for both adults and children? It makes bedtime story reading even more fun! Well, ‘Oi Frog!’by Kes Gray is just that kind of book and we completely adore it in our house at the moment. It was bought by their auntie for a birthday last year but a week hasn’t gone by where we haven’t read it! Since then we’ve gone on to read all the others in the series which are just as fab. ‘Oi Dog’ and ‘Oi Cat’ are all brilliant rhyming stories for kids and helpful for children learning their sounds and now there’s even as ‘Oi Duck Billed Platypus’. We’ve enjoyed it so much we came up with some fun ‘Oi Frog’ activities for kids to make while they’re reading it. And there’s even some ‘Oi Frog Printables’ for preschoolers below.

It’s got enough cheek to humour even little children (because there are bottoms mentioned!) And is narrated by a funny, opinionated cat who has got a bossy turn of phrase that entertains my older two, Elodie and Finlay too. His narrative voice really makes me chuckle.

Oi Frog Crafts recipes activities. Frog craft for children

The illustrations include a brilliant frog with the most expressive eyeballs and eyebrows in town. Even young children like using the zany rhyming and quirky pictures to predict what each animal is meant to be sitting on (puffins sit on muffins and snakes sit on cakes) so much so, that Orla, my three year old knows most of the words off by heart which means her rhyming knowledge is taking off! So, this we’ve popped an easy ‘Oi Frog’ EYFS activity below. I’ve just found out there are lots of sequels to the book too such as – ‘Oi Dog’ where the bossy cat gets it’s come uppance which I can’t wait to read!

Oi Frog children's reading activities. Oi Frog Printables. Oi Frog crafts. Frog and bug crafts

So, as you can guess, I’d thoroughly recommend this book to anyone and in honour of it being our favourite book of the month/ year and with it being National Reading month…..we’ve come up with some cute crafty and foody Oi Frog activities to enjoy after you’ve read Oi Frog! I’ve linked up with other fantastic websites to share our favourite books and crafts or recipes based on the books. See here to check out the other books!

Paper Plate Frog Craft

First up, we made a Sticky Paper Plate Frog to play our ‘Oi Frog!’ Printable game with. You can download our Oi Frog! rhyming printable for free here. It makes a great rhyming activity for EYFS.

Oi Frog children's reading activities. Oi Frog Printables. Oi Frog crafts. Frog and bug crafts

Easy paper plate frog craft for children. Kid's activities for learning about frogs to complement the Oi Frog Books

If you’d like to make the ‘Oi Frog’ Sticky Paper Plate Frog, you will need……

  1. Fold the Paper Plate in half and paint it green.
  2. Blow up the water balloons a small way (this is easier with water balloons than regular balloons because they’re smaller) and stick a googly eye on each.
  3. Put a small slit in the top of your paper plate and insert the balloon eyes into the slits so they pop out!
  4. Draw legs on the green card, tape them to the back of your paper plate.
  5. Draw a red tongue out of card and stick it to the back of the plate.
  6. (optional) add a Velcro strip to the back of the Frog’s tongue if you want to play the Sticky Frog Printable Game with our Oi Frog Craft.

Oi Frog Printable Game for toddlers

Playing the game, is very simple. First print the game and cut out the squares. Place Velcro strips on the back of the squares and use the sticky frog for your toddler to pick up the squares. Your toddler could try to match the squares according to what the animals sat on the in the book! Or, without reading this makes a good rhyming game (for example, spotting that carrots sat on parrots).

Frog Craft. Rhyming Game for children

Oi Frog Crafts recipes activities. Frog craft for children

Oi Frog Recipe Idea

Next, we settled down for a tasty frog sandwich after we’d had a little read! This is a great ‘Oi Frog’ food idea. It’s super easy to make the sandwich and a fun way to brighten up little lunches! You will need…. Grapes, Marmite (optional for the eye balls), yellow and red pepper, spinach for the lily pads, cucumber, bread and ham.

Oi Frog Reading and Craft Activities. Frog Recipe. How to make a frog sandwich

I hope these ideas help you enjoy ‘Oi Frog!’ even more! If you’d like some more ideas for animal crafts – you can try out our Bee Craft and recipe activities for learning about bees!

Remember to download your FREE OI FROG! PRINTABLE HERE

Oi Frog! Printable Rhyming


Oi Frog! Printable Rhyming Game


Books anc crafts for learning about frogs. Nature Craft Activity. Frog Craft Activity. Kid's Book and crafts. Oi Frog Book and Crafts.

Oi Frog Crafts and Activities

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