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Activities for siblings that are easy to set up, can be played independently, help siblings bond, be a team member and even have some healthy competition. I picked our favorite sibling activities to share with you today. Honestly, they are life savers during colder weather when play time outdoors is limited.

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  1. That looks like a brilliant kit! We love den building – and the creations you can make from a large cardboard box is astounding!!

  2. going the beach

  3. We love swingball.

  4. We enjoy a good game of cricket with the kids in summer!

  5. Building dens

  6. We love different playgrounds, especially ones with lots of places to climb on. Kids also love to play FLOOR IS LAVA at playgrounds.

  7. After all these years it’s still hiden’seek.

  8. My little grandson is outdoors more than in he loves going on forest walks and beach walks where there’s rock pools

  9. The boys love den building and a good water fight.

  10. We visited a county park yesterday and loved pond dipping.

  11. Skittles is our favourite – great for all ages

  12. Den building

  13. It’s hard to beat blowing bubbles in the park or kicking a ball around but I have an old quoits set which is also fun.

  14. Bug hunting we all love it and it’s great upturning a stone and seeing what’s under it

  15. What is your favourite game or outdoor activity for kids?

    going for a walk in our local nature reserve with our great daane

  16. mine love bug hunting in the woods

  17. We love taking a net and bucket and exploring in our local rock pools

  18. Just going for long walks in the woods

  19. We love to play frozen tag in the garden as even the youngest can join in with all the family!

  20. Going for a walk in the woods x

  21. What a lovely prize that will be great going into autumn too. We love out door play and love looking for the hidden decorated stones that pop up all over the place these days.

  22. We like playing ball games

  23. we love playing hide and seek in our rather large garden where there are all sorts of places to hide out of sight.

  24. These all look like tremendous fun! Thank you for sharing 🙂

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